Sunday, October 22, 2006

Never Eat Alone

Okay, I've reached the height of laziness. I'll explain later.

My excuse is that I'm on the road. I came back to BYU for a homecoming reunion since I'm the treasurer of an alumni chapter (very easy job, since we have no money). And of course we trashed UNLV at the game! Also, I've wrapped a bunch of work into the trip out west so I'm doing Utah, Idaho, Arizona and possibly Nevada if I get time.

Here is a picture of campus. The Y is on the mountain, and they light it up at special occasions such as homecoming. The reason why there is only a Y is that they started to put BYU up there and they ran out of money or something. So now it's just the Y and that's what we call the school for shorthand.

Okay, so now to the lazy part. I brought a jillion books with me and I'm trying to plow through them and send them back media mail. I read the book Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferrazzi. The book treats the topic of networking, and does it really very well--and realistically. But I am not going to review it but rather link to reviews. Here is one that gets the really good stuff. Here is another from Harvard Business School.

I had lunch with JNott before leaving, and we had some fascinating conversation, thanks for that! I am working on digesting We've Always Done it That Way, that will be forthcoming. In a nutshell, it was great.