Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some Thoughts...

Here's a couple of things I wanted to write down.

1. This is interesting: a blogger who intends on liveblogging a conference, asks his readers which session he should go to. I don't have time to pre-digest what you could do with this concept, but it's interesting.

2. Really cool 2.0 app, GroupLoop, that is highly relevant to associations. I see that the peeps over at Acronym have noticed this already.

3. Am listening to "Getting to Yes," the treatise on negotiations. While a lot of it is good information and bears paying attention to, I wish it drilled down in its examples more. It either uses simplistic, made-up scenarios, or it uses huge macro-level geopolitical examples. The subtitle of the book is something like "how to get what you want without giving in." Yet, as I go through the content, it seems like they are indeed advocating giving in a lot more than ideal.