Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Some links

So I've got my RSS life back together and have been keeping up with my blog reading lately. So I wanted to pass along some interesting bits.

Boing boing highlights a Pew Center study of blogger demographics. Fairly interesting.

A new website that tells you which bike routes are good. HT: Treehugger

My guy Glenn Reynolds talks about the long tail. HT: PicoBusiness. Take a look at my review of an Army of Davids, which is mentioned in both places.

Bakardo talks about how social networks are killing email. As I read this, I thought how true it is and will become. I know I'm not as good at emailing consistently as I once was, and sometimes I have to make myself remember that people expect responses. I start treating email like an RSS reader. Which is weird.

Also, Jeff De Cagna asked me to let you know about his new education programs for the association community