Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How to keep your corporation from not being dissolved

Doing a little research on state-by-state incorporation stuff, and I found these tips from Arizona's Corporation Commission. Their website is really hard to follow, so I've liberally adapted them here. Mind you, I'm not a lawyer, so don't get sued on my account or anything.

Keep your corporation from being dissolved

1. If you move, tell the corporation authority. You register an agent with the state. They keep that address on file forever. They won't know you've moved unless you tell them. They'll send all your notices to your old address and you may never know. And they can be unforwardable. This means missed filings and lots of bad stuff. It can also roll over to your communications with IRS which of course we want to avoid miscommunication with the IRS. So go online and fill out your state's form. Also, make sure that if you have a statutory agent that that info is kept updated as well.

2. Know the date your report is due, or if you have one. This is hard to boilerplate because every state is different. Some states require annual reports. If yours does, keep up with it. Some states require a biennial report. Know that too.

3. Don't never change the corporate name, due date, filing number or fee amount printed on the form and don't create your own form. This is bad.

4. Follow the directions. Always a good idea with these things don't you think?

5. Check the state authority's website freqently to see if they have changed anything you need to know about.

This stuff is kind of tedious, and I always fear that people aren't keeping up with it (or aren't even aware that they need to).