Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

So I'm back in reading mode just a little. I've started reading the books we have here in my new office, which are pretty good! I enjoyed this one quite a bit, and since this was my first experience with Lencioni, I didn't have this reaction (from Slacker Manager) to the narrative portion of the book. The narrative part has a CEO walking her dysfunctional team thru the five dysfunctions, which are shown as a pyramid in this order:

Inattention to results
Avoidance of accountability
Lack of commitment
Fear of conflict
Absense of trust

Basically, it all starts with there not being trust and the others sort of flow from that. The narrative piece is useful because it walks you thru what this could actually look like in real life. And the exposition of the model in the back is useful as well.

The narrative story ends up fixing the company, but the CEO had to fire someone, and someone had to quit. I guess that if those things hadn't happened the fictive company would have failed.