Friday, April 07, 2006

Nonprofit mergers becoming popular

There's a pretty good piece in yesterday's Globe about the rising popularity of merging nonprofits. The article focuses for the most part on small, regional human-servicy types of organizations, and it points to the increasingly challenging environment for nonprofits. Of course times are challenging when everybody and their pet llama has started one, and so many organizations' main contribution to society is reckless waste (albeit on a small scale) and fuzzy thinking. To quote the article:
Interest in mergers and alliances among nonprofits has become so hot nationally that a California firm specializing in the issue, La Piana Associates, Inc., has seen inquiries on the topic increase more than 50 percent over the last two years, said Bob Harrington, a senior manager who specializes in strategic restructuring.
I think this trend is definitely something we should within the 501-c community. Nonprofits are great, voluntarism is great, but people need to do their research and not create crappy redundancies that sap resources from the system. That's my bit of venting for today.