Monday, April 24, 2006

I feel like sharing...

Things are really busy at the ranch these days, but I wanted to post related to something I saw this weekend on HGTV's Mission Organization. This is related to the article I have coming out in June's issue of Associations Now.

Basically, the organizer goes to this guy's room and it's a total wreck. You can tell by looking at the room that he must not use any of the stuff because there's no way he could access all of it or retain in memory what comprised the great meteor of paperwork and schlock. Mind you, I'm not casting stones or anything, because we all do this to some degree or another unless you have OCD and then you take Zoloft until you're able to once again.

Ahem, back to business. The organizer walks him thru the process of stoppping the insanity. They go thru all the crap and sort it using just four (4) categories. [ed. I like to use parenthetical numbers, it makes me feel official like I'm writing a government report]. The categories are:

- I love it
- I feel like sharing
- Not for now
- Ditch it

Now, my premise in my article is that you can use structures like this to solve a million different problems, whether it's with junk or ideas. It's kind of like David Allen's GTD: if you get all your ideas out of your head, you can sort them physically using this or a similar process.

So I'm going to get to work sorting today, and hopefully I'll get some reading in sometime soon :)