Monday, February 27, 2006

Membership Marketing Director

Here's a job description I came across when I was doing some research trying to figure out how I can best do my job. I think it came from ASAE, but if you know where it came from, feel free to let me know.

Position Description

Basic functions: Develops and maintains membership in the association, directs service programs for members and interprets profession- and/or industry-wide marketing information.

Job requirements: Experience in the development of direct mail pieces and statistical analysis. Good writing skills, ability to speak in front of groups, ability to develop and maintain budget effectively. Ability to manage people and write departmental policies. Should have strong organizational skills such as planning and forecasting. Knowledge of computer systems management and knowledge of telemarketing techniques useful.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Develops and administers a process for identifying, recruiting and registering potential members.

2. Ensures maintenance of membership records in sufficient detail to support communications and research.

3. Ensures that the membership directory is complied in cooperations with publications department.

4. Publishes periodic reports on membership status and membership development.

5. Analyzes the membership and recommends steps for retention and expansion.

6. Serves as a point of contact for individual members seeking information or assistance on membership.

7. Supplies information for member billings and subscriptions and other services to members.

8. Develops, monitors and controls department budget.

9. Identifies trends in the profession/trade and prepares forecasts.

10. Responsible for formal and information evaluations and assessments.

11. Determines potential membership population through research.