Thursday, February 16, 2006

Creating community...

I know Guy Kawasaki is like this instant internet celebrity and like a million people are probably linking him, but I wanted to reference this "Art of Creating Community" post because it's so applicable to what we do in associations. It *is* what we do in associations. In particular this is my job!
Assign one person the task of building a community. Sure, many employees would like to build a community, but who wakes up every day with this task at the top of her list of priorities? Another way to look at this is, “Who’s going to get fired if she doesn’t build a community?” A community needs a champion—an identifiable hero and inspiration—from within the company to carry the flag for the community. Therefore, hire one less MBA and allocate this headcount to a community champion. This is a twofer: one less MBA and one great community.
Does this mean I'm accountable now? ;')