Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

Being emotionally intelligent is easy except if it's hard. That's why we have books to teach us such things. To be truthful, I picked up this book just to see what the "Four Key Emotional Skills of Leadership" are. Here goes:
1. Identifying how all of the key participants feel, themselves included
2. Using these feelings to guide the thinking and reasoning of the people involved
3. Understanding how feelings might change and develop as events unfold
4. Managing to stay open to the data of feelings and integrating them into decisions and actions.
Jossey-Bass has a sample chapter on their website. Anyway, this is the model put forward by David R. Caruso and Peter Salovey. So, in the past--what would you say?--five years or so, emotional intelligence has been all the rage. Basically, though, it boils down to "don't be a jerk." Know what I mean? But we have all kinds of jerkiness left over from the days when the foreman ruled the masses at the factory, and from the days when women were clawing their way to the top. So now, "emotional intelligence" is in so that we can all just get along. Reminds me of Aristotle's Rhetoric and appeals to pathos and connection with one's audience.

ISBN# 0787970719
By David R. Caruso and Peter Salovey