Saturday, December 24, 2005

How to Be a People Magnet

I'm a little embarrassed I got this book. I have been thinking about the whole "soft skill" thing a lot recently, and kind of reflecting on the fact that it really is good relationships that have the power to make just about anything happen. So, the book seemed interesting from a skim, so I picked it up and read it.

Really, the book is kind of facile and way too autobiographical about the author, Leil Lowndes, whom I'd never heard of before. But apparently, she has a cult following, at least to believe what you read. However, if you look at the book from a "tip" perspective, there are some useful tidbits, and the points she raises are basically wise reflections from someone who's good with people. For instance:
When I knokw in my hear that something is right, I will go for it. Whether it's as important as racial relations or as insignificant as cracking a click in one high school, I'll be the first to stand up--or sit down--for my folks. Yes, they will like me for it. But most of all, I will like myself. (And that's the first step to making everybody like me.)
I apologize if that makes you choke back your breakfast, but it is good advice and a good perspective on things--and a good way to keep balanced when dealing with people. It's easy to get along if you go along. Less easy to stand your ground and have people like you for who you are.

By Leil Lowndes
ISBN# 0809224356