Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ones I didn't get to...

Starting and Building a Nonprofit, A Practical Guide
By Peri H. Pakroo
ISBN # 1413300901

Skim: It's a new book from Nolo. Looks good especially in terms of legal structures, etc. Would be good to give to someone who was starting up a chapter or looking at starting a new organization (go figure). Also, good for chapter relations folks.

Budgeting and Financial Management Handbook for Not-for-Profit Organizations
By Edward J. McMillan
ISBN# 0880341580

Skim: I've read this book before when I was running chapter relations at AAMFT. It's good and very practical -- by that I mean lots of example documents you can use and modify. Somewhat lacking on the coding process, which I think every member of any nonprofit staff needs to be intimately familiar with, even if it is an accountant who dreams the whole thing up.

Fighting Fit: Boxing Workouts, Techniques and Sparring
By Doug Werner and Alan Lachica
ISBN# 1884654029

Skim: This book is a follow up to the last one I read, so it's just a little more detailed. Would be good if I can find the time. Sorry guys, I've been on the road so much I haven't gotten to see my coach in over a month.