Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Guerrilla Marketing with Technology

I have to go back to the library and some of the books in my stack I haven't really read. I did want to include a bullet point list from this book because it seems useful. This book focuses on the needs of small business, which I tend to find interesting because of the many parallels between the needs of small business and those of (drumroll please) small associations.

Here is a list of ten attitudes that should be primary to anyone operating a virtual small business. The summaries I have written; but the lists' subjects are the book's.

1. You operate according to a plan. Plan is brief and helpful, based on goals and reviewed regularly.

2. You grow your business according to a calendar. Outline your plans for the next year week by week.

3. You are the essence of flexibility. Customers first. We know this one already.

4. You're a giver and not a taker. You are known to give valuable things away. Interesting given all the recent discussions on this topic in the association blogoclump.

5. Your business has credibility. Everything connected with your business looks professional and inspires confidence in you.

6. You embrace the spirit of competitiveness. You're basically in the marketing business, so get used to it.

7. You are alert for fusion opportunities. Okay, this one gets a little heavy but basically, you should play well with others and look for win-wins.

8. You are at ease with technology. Self-explanatory.

9. You are the very soul of follow-up. This makes sense. Be OCD about not letting people hang.

10. You feel passion for your work. Again, self-explanatory.

I think the book would have some good structures and schemata in it for anyone who would find this kind of thing useful. Basically, it's what we do in associations every day and put relationships first.

By Jay Conrad Levinson
ISBN# 0201328046