Friday, October 21, 2005

Yardening: How to Grow Cool Weather Vegetables

I know, this is technically not a book but I may need to refer to this in the future. This is a video made in 1987 which is a good treatment of how to garden. Now, I am a complete neophyte to the gardening scene, however this video gives you a good vision of how wonky you can be about vegetables.

Jeff Ball is the host and is likeable and not embarrassing to watch, if a little stiff. His big deal is "intensive gardening". Since this video is on cool weather vegetables he gets to show off his tunnel set up for lengthening the growing season. Since I live in the Mid-Atlantic, I don't think it's worth that amount of work to add some more months, but if you live in Minnesota, you might take the trouble. One good point he makes is that if you garden on a more year-round basis, you can get by with storing less food.

Good info on soil conditioning, disease, etc., which are the harder parts if you want to garden properly.