Monday, October 31, 2005

The Sokal Hoax

This is a follow up to my previous book report on Fashionable Nonsense, although The Sokal Hoax came first. It's really a compilation of writings, reviews, and the actual sources from the debate. I'm actually glad I read the more secondary materials first, since the actual reports were totally contextualized. One thing I didn't realize was that all this happened in 1996, which is getting to be a long time ago. Oh well, a little slow on the uptake.

A bit of mind-bogglingness was the actual response reprinted from the follow-up issue of Social Text. It was so embarrassing you wanted to put your hand over your face. They were totally like junior-high schoolers who say after they've been dumped, "as if, I didn't like you anyway."

One thing that bugged was how often Sokal talked about working in Sandinistan Nicaragua. He claims over and over that he's a "Leftist" with a capital L, mind you. It's like don't keep reminding me that you're a communist. Whateva. But anyway, I support his hoaxing of Social Text.

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